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At Ecosystems we have vision of educating people on how to live in an environment free from chemical usage and pollution through utilising renewable energy independent of the national grid while promoting natural, organic living in harmony with nature and creating business opportunities that symbolise our passion of sustainability.

Our main goals are to develop sustainable, eco-friendly systems for people to live and to educate our community's about the importance of environmental awareness and renewable energy solutions. We operate a combined venture of promoting and marketing Eco-LSF Structures, Eco-Agri Villages, Eco-Waste and Eco-Energy. We feel that it is important to market products that are ethical, cost effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly.
Physical Address: 17 Platina Drive, Empangeni, Zululand, Kwazulu-Natal | Postal Address: PO Box 7304, Empangeni Rail, 3910
Office Number: 083 955 1348
Eco-LSF StructuresEco-LSF Structures Light Steel Frame Construction is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa these days. Quicker Construction Period, Cost Effectiveness, Cleanliness On Site and Sound Structural Integrity make Eco-LSF Structures the cutting edge.

Eco-Agri VillagesEco-Agri Villages An Agri Village is a Co-operative with a difference, an Agricultural Community of which the members have equal shares within the village and its activities giving a family a 1 Hectare Plot each. Benefits are: Job Creation, Social Services, & Run by its People.

Eco-WasteEco-Waste At Ecosystems we have strong ethics of Environmental Sustainability and Recycling. With our Recycling programs we design waste management plans that suit any size area of any magnitude. We feel that it is important to Conserve our Natural Environment. Do You?

Eco-EnergyEco-Energy In South Africa today Energy Costs are EXTREMELY HIGH and only RISING unfortunately. Isn't it nice to know that you have an Alternative Energy Technology? Solar Power is becoming more and more popular amongst households because: Its Saves Energy, Money and Ultimately Saves the Planet. Sustainable Solution to a Long Term Problem.